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I believe Love is the greatest force for healing.

Hi, I’m Italia and welcome to Soul-to-Soul Coaching LLC!  I’m a Spiritual Advisor, Intuitive Medium, Energy Healer & Voice Channel. I’m also an inspirational speaker and the creator of The Stairway to Healing®, a program designed to reconnect people to the aliveness, wholeness, and empowerment that resides in us all. I lovingly channel messages from Spirit for your Highest Good. My angels & guides enjoy offering guidance, clarity, and direction. Here’s my story…

In 2014-2015, my life was traveling on the up and up. I had a career in education, I got engaged to an amazing man, and we bought our dream home. And then, my life took a complete nose-dive.

Just as we began the process of touring potential wedding venues, on July 2, 2015, I heard the words that changed my life forever: “You have a lump in your breast.” I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Oxygen mask, please! Keep Reading


Meet Italia

“I want to THANK YOU, Italia, for our session yesterday.  You have healed and given direction to my soul.  For a long while now, my heart has been heavy with life decisions…”

Sophie Duong

“Italia’s reading brought me a lot of clarity and understanding. She was very accurate and detailed…”

Aleta Armaita

“My reading with Italia was so lovely. Before the reading she consulted with her guides and what she told me sent shivers down my spine…”

Maria Cartridge