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Say three times (3x) with confidence & conviction:

“In the name of Christ (or other representative of Source) and my Higher Self, I command any and all energy not mine, leave this body and auric field now. You are healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened. Return to your Source now with the highest Peace, Love, and Light of the Christ vibration.”

Then say,

“I am clear and balanced. I am clear and balanced. I am clear and balanced. And so it is!”


“Dear God/Source, Jesus, Mother Mary, the Holy Spirit, my Higher Self (and/or whomever you’d like to call in of Love & Light), I step forward into the Highest Light to connect with Spirit. Please keep me pure of any negativity or any negativity from the space around me. Protect me. Allow me to see, hear, feel, and know, all things true. Make me a vessel for myself (or client), so it’s what I need to hear, it’s in my Highest Good, and the Highest Good for all beings involved. Only allow through what is of God, Truth, Love, and Light. And so it is.”