When Indecision Strikes

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I. Don’t. Know. When indecision strikes, worry and fear set in like a bad perm. What do you do when you really don’t know what to do? When I’m hit with a bout of I-don’t-know-what-to-do “dis-ease,” aside from the all too familiar pros and cons list, which can be helpful, there are other prescriptions for this type [...]

Choosing Joy

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I never allowed cancer to take my joy. I chose joy over pain. I chose joy over fear. I chose joy over sorrow. Believe me, it wasn’t always an easy choice, but it helped me get through the grueling treatments and brought me peace. Joy is a sweet prayer and I desire to spend each moment embraced [...]

Accepting What Is

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I accept that there are certain things beyond my control. But, what can I do that’s within my control? Choose joy. Choose gratefulness. Choose trust. Choose faith. Choose to walk with God on the road of faith. It might sound radical, but I never fought my cancer because I wasn’t fighting myself. For me, it was never [...]

Beyond Hope, It’s Faith

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I choose to think that everything that happens to me is here to teach me something. So, what did cancer teach me? It’s beyond hope, it’s about having faith. I trust in the universe that everything is going to work out and be okay, no matter what. I won’t always understand, but I know that “God draws [...]

Meeting Archangel Haniel

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At my lowest point in chemotherapy, where I was so broken open that there was nothing left for me to cling onto, I heard a voice in my mind unlike my own— it was God’s voice. I began to dialogue with this gentle male voice that called me, “My child.” This voice, that I believed to be [...]

The Road to Angels

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Three months after my last radiation treatment, God set me on a road to the angels. Although I didn’t know it then, I now know He was giving me the answer I had been seeking. During my cancer treatments, I asked God, “What’s my life purpose? How can I best serve you?” He replied with a synchronicity [...]